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How I sold $25,000 in pre-paid cleaning packages one Sunday morning exactly 8 years ago today.

After coming home from the ER with painkillers for a spasming back, I did what any biz owner with nothing but a laptop & a mailing list would do...

I sent out an email to my customer list:  

& the first buyer gets a bonus 3-room carpet cleaning

All they had to do was click a button and could pay with their credit card in a couple of clicks.

I sent out this email on a Sunday morning exactly 8 years ago today. I then probably started reading a biz book or something. After a few minutes, I looked at my phone and saw a bunch of payment notifications from Paypal.I logged in to check my account and almost ended up in the ER again when I saw my balance was over $25,000.

This was pretty impressive back in 2009, when I didn't work very hard at building my email list. That list was made up of current customers, occasional customers, and people who had signed up to be notified of promos/sales but who weren't actual customers yet. An email list of 600 people is really small by today's standards. I can teach you how to get a mailing list like that in a month - not a year and a half like it took me in my early years.

Of course, numbers are not everything. You don't NEED a mailing list of thousands of people to sell your cleaning services and packages and be booked solid.

My fave medispa doctor just introduced a monthly membership plan for his patients. For $99 a month, you get 28 units of Botox every 3 months, 10% off additional units of Botox, 10% off dermal fillers, 20% off laser hair removal, 20% off skin care products, $500 off a treatment area for SculpSure, and three free microneedling treatments for your face. SIGN ME UPPPPPP!

Why is this a brilliant offer, and how can you apply it to your cleaning business?

  •  people need to be told exactly what to do - they crave expertise
  •  some customers love spreading their payments out into affordable instalments
  •  some customers want to pay once and chill for 6 months or a year
  •  the upsells and extras are clearly stated and incentivized!
  •  loyal, repeat customers are the ones who are going to make you rich

1. People need to be told exactly what to do - they crave expertise

Your job as a business owner is to be the #1 cleaning expert in your city.This means you tell your customers exactly what their customized cleaning plan is. Each person wants to tell you all about their home, their busy lives, their challenges, and you get to tell them exactly how you are going to set them up to never have to worry about toilets, cat fur, and fingerprints on light switches again. This is why you tell your customers, "We are going to set you up on a bi-weekly cleaning schedule. Every second Tuesday, we are going to come into your home, deep clean your house from top to bottom with our eco-friendly products and HEPA vacuums, and mist your bedding with our Cloud9 blend of essential oils. We follow a detailed checklist and guarantee your house will be sparkling and sanitized, every single time." You tell them exactly what you do, when you need to do it, and how you are going to do it. You are confident, you know best, and you are in charge.

2. Some customers love spreading their payments out into affordable instalments

Traditionally, clients pay for each cleaning service the day of, and that works, but imagine offering an incentive for clients to sign up for 7 months of cleaning but pay for 6. Let's say each cleaning is $150 every two weeks. That's 14 cleanings in 7 months, or $2,100. Reward your long-term customers by giving them 2 free cleanings in month 7. Now the cost of 14 cleanings is only $1,800 total, or $128.57 per cleaning. Who doesn't love saving each time?

3. Some customers want to pay once and chill for 6 months or a year

Then you have the other customers, the ones with lots of money and/or credit cards that give them points and allow them to charge big purchases. These are the people who want to pay $1,800 once and not have to worry about paying for your services again for 7 months (or longer - I've had clients pre-pay for a year and a half of cleaning).

4. The upsells and extras are clearly stated and incentivized!

You probably offer all kinds of additional mini services: fridge interior cleaning, oven interior cleaning, carpet deodorizing, carpet shampooing, mattress sanitizing, hard floor steam cleaning, laundry wash and fold, ironing, organizing... When you create a loyalty program that gives clients discounts and bonuses on all your extras and upsells, you are telling clients exactly what you do and get them excited to add these additional services to their appointments.

5. Loyal, repeat customers are the ones who are going to make you rich

You already know a repeat customer is wildly more profitable than searching and acquiring a new customer, so reward the ones who are ready to make a commitment to you. In the scenario above ($150/biweekly/customer), I sold cleaning packages to 14 clients total. That's only 7 clients a week on a bi-weekly schedule. Half the clients are done one week, half the next (and repeat). A team of two could do those 14 clients in only 2 to 2.5 days/week. That leaves you with 2.5 - 3 days a week to work for other customers, with $4,000/month in guaranteed income. And you don't have to spend a dime for 7 months on those particular clients. Do a bang up job each time, and they'll all renew in 7 months, and all you have to do is send them an email to let them know it's time to renew. Now THAT's a profitable client. A bonus for you and your employees is your determination to KEEP these customers and deliver a fab experience each and every time so that they renew. If you assign a team to a VIP client and they are so thrilled they do renew after 7 months, you can give that team a cash bonus to keep them motivated at each and every appointment too.

I can teach you exactly how to build an email list, create a VIP membership plan, pre-sell thousands in services, build a loyal clientele, and ensure your teams are booked solid. This is what I do. Book a one-on-one consultation with me or I invite you to attend my email marketing class for elite biz owners. 100% guaranteed. 

Styled Stock Photos - Free, À la Carte & Subscription Options

Ever wonder how so many businesses look so incredibly gorgeous online? The secret is a combination of real photos but also styled stock photos.

Here are my favourite stock photo suppliers and if you sign up for their email list, you will usually get FREE stock photos every month. 

  1. Haute Chocolate - my #1 all-time fave! Rachel Rouhana is from Calgary, very close to my hometown of Edmonton, and she releases new packs of photos twice a month, along with a mini brand kit on the 1st of each month to help inspire.
  2. Her Creative Studio - clean, minimalist, gorgeous and so affordable!
  3. Dear Miss Modern - though there are only a few photos on her site available for purchase, each one is absolutely stunning and very unique. Glam glam glam!
  4. SC Stockshop - on the more expensive side, but Shay gives you freebies each month and the quality is superb.
  5. Kate Max Stock - one of the original suppliers, she now has a yearly membership. The actual downloading is tedious, but you can get free monthly images as well.
  6. Miss Poppy Design Shop
Click to get FREE images each month from Rachel at Haute Chocolate

Click to get FREE images each month from Rachel at Haute Chocolate