Katie Pearse, The Maid Mentor

The Classic Clean | Professional Cleaner's Kit

This kit is currently backordered until the end of November. Order now for delivery as soon as the sold-out dusters are back in stock!


Every elite professional cleaner needs a complete cleaning kit with the solutions and tools to do the job perfectly. Our tools are handmade in Germany by Redecker, and are the most sought after, well-made cleaning products in the world. Tested in over 30,000 cleanings, the products and solutions are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and deliver exceptional results.

The Classic Clean Professional Cleaner's Kit includes:
  • window / glass cleaner 8 oz clear spray bottle
  • concentrated all-purpose cleaner + 8 oz amber spray bottle
  • floor cleaner + 8 oz clear screw top bottle
  • essential oil bedding spray
  • premium ostrich feather hand duster (black or white)
  • toilet brush + replaceable head
  • waist apron for holding tools
  • dual-sided microfiber / copper cloth
  • horsehair hand brush
  • black pumice stone
  • 24-pack of premium cleaning cloths
  • four-pack of 2 oz essential oils (lemon, mint, lavender, tea tree)
  • organic cotton tote bag
Invest in these high quality products and not only will your staff clean better and more efficiently but you'll save a significant amount of money over single-use, lower quality products.

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