Katie Pearse

The Classic Clean


The foundational training program for elite cleaners.

Video & Audio Lessons
40 video lectures to educate and motivate your staff. Video demos and audio directions explain how to clean, step-by-step. It's like having a master trainer right there with them.

Checklists & Plans
Detailed training checklists, training schedule plan templates, client checklists and other forms your staff need to be confident and stay organized.

The cleaner will submit evaluation requirements to the academy, for review and feedback, along with a certificate of achievement.

Show your customers you are truly the best by obtaining official Glisten Accreditation, with ready-made marketing materials to help you promote your elite status to your customers.

Private Group
With all paid courses, you get access to the Glisten Academy discussion group where you can ask questions and get support from both Katie Pearse and other industry experts.

Monthly Membership
Join the optional Glisten Membership and get new lessons and bonuses every month to keep your staff staff and business educated and inspired.

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