Modern Marketing Essentials (Level 2)

I am going to teach you so much in this weekend class you are going to be amazed at what you're capable of by Sunday night. I will explain how social media, emails and your website all work together to sell your products or services. Class size will be very small - 6 people or less - in order for me to provide you with individual attention and help you as much as I can with your specific business and website. You're going to be as excited (well ALMOST as excited) as I am about online marketing after this. I guarantee if you follow my advice, your business will skyrocket with sales and people who can't get enough of you.

The Perfect Business Website
Friday 6 PM - 9 PM

  • why you need a killer online presence to succeed in business
  • creating your business's visual identity & keeping it consistent across all three areas
  • posting guidelines for social media, your website & email campaigns
  • selling online - it's easier than you think!
  • time-saving tools: Canva, PicMonkey, Creative Market & more!

Your Brand & Your Website
Saturday 9 AM - 5 PM

Branding Your Business

DIY Website Design & Management

  • branding your business
  • graphic design for websites
  • using templates & a Content Management System (Squarespace, Weebly, Wordpress)
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • creating calls to action your visitors click on
  • adding you lead magnet / welcome gift to your site
  • basic analytics & what you can uncover
  • optimizing your website for mobile
  • why blogging is critical (& helps your SEO)
  • how to write for the web (keywords)

Social Media Marketing + Email Marketing
Sunday 9 AM - 5 PM

Social Media Marketing

  • community building + brand awareness
  • content creation & curation
  • how to write with focus & find your voice
  • copywriting to connect with your audience
  • graphic design for FB, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest
  • promotional campaigns / contest management
  • influencer marketing campaigns
  • social media strategy + hashtag research
  • Instagram & secrets on how to beat the algorithm
  • advertising on Facebook & Instagram
  • time-saving tools to plan and schedule your posts
  • referral and affiliate programs

Email Marketing

  • welcome emails for new subscribers
  • promotional campaigns & newsletters
  • using MailChimp to collect email addresses
  • how to create a welcome gift / lead magnet
  • automating drip campaigns (series of emails)
  • when to send our your emails
  • how to write enticing subject lines
  • inspiring your readers to take action
  • the truth about open rates and unsubscribes
  • writing prompts to spark ideas


Marketing Plan

Learn how to plan your marketing: monthly calendar, weekly content brainstorming, content scheduling, Instagram grid planner, weekly analytics, hashtag glossary, influencer research, contest tracker. You can work on this and get my feedback, then leave with an organized plan so you can start Monday morning!

Friday, Saturday & Sunday: Entire Course $695

Friday & Saturday: Website Design & Management $295

Sunday 9 AM - 1 PM: Social Media Marketing $195

Sunday 1:30 PM - 5 PM: Email Marketing $195

Student Reviews

"Katie Pearse, your classes are amazing! We were empowered with all the new tools you gave us. Such an inspiring weekend!" - Jessica Reynolds, Eye Candy Lash Extensions
"Such a great way to spend the weekend, thanks for having us! I can't wait to use all of the new programs to really enhance our brand!" - Shaylene Flanagan, Fenrich Financial
"If you want to learn about marketing, I highly recommend taking Katie's class! The info she provided was so valuable! Great for every entrepreneur! I can't wait for the advanced class in April!" - Lydia Yapp Makeup and Beauty Artistry
"I am busier than I ever was and it is all because of Katie's class. Not just the technical support from her but also because I felt empowered and confident after her class too!!!!" - Donna Bleakney, Donna Bleakney Massage
"You're an awesome teacher, Katie! The class was crazy informative and useful! I really appreciate you teaching all these tips/skills to accelerate our businesses." - Lydia Yapp, Yappy Lips