Ostrich Feather Duster

Luxury professional cleaning supplies
    • luxury premium ostrich feathers for delicate dusting
    • the only feather duster Glisten-approved for professional cleaning
    • sustainably sourced, ostriches are not harmed to make this product

Ostrich feather dusters are particularly lightweight, which is why they are especially well suited for dusting delicate items or smaller pieces that tend to topple over easily. The innate static charge that is not found in any other feathers or materials. The charge that is created when the duster is rubbed against a surface occurs because an ostrich feather does not 'zipper together' as with other bird feathers. This innate static charge is superbly efficient at attracting and holding dust, rather than just moving it around. Cleaning just requires a shake and the dust releases. No ostriches are harmed in the collection of the feathers which takes place around the time that they molt.

Founded in 1935, Redecker uses more than 70 years of knowledge and experience in ecology, environmental protection and recycling to produce a range of hand-made, quality products, in an environmentally friendly way. All materials are natural, conscientiously sourced, and traditionally hand crafted to produce the highest quality cleaning tools in the world and the only ones recommended by Katie Pearse.

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