Redecker Copper Cloth

This copper cloth gets rid of all the marks on your glass stovetop, the hard water spots on your glass shower door, and even cleans the "white" grout on your tile floors. This tool works so well, you don't even need a scrub or corrosive spray.

Fine copper threads clean thoroughly and remove even the toughest stuck-on food, yet are gentle enough for use on most cookware, glass, enamel, stoves and sinks without scratching. Durable double-layer cloths release burned foods from cookware and scrub kitchen sinks gleaming clean. 

High-quality, long-lasting cloths are great for everything from polishing rust off silverware to cleaning the chrome on your automobile. The 100% recyclable copper threads are earth-friendly and clean up easily in the washing machine at 140°F. Do not use on nonstick surfaces. Made in the Netherlands. 5½" x 5¾".

How to use: only use the cloth when wet.
Use with the appropriate cleaning product. Do not use on Teflon.

To clean: Wash with gentle detergent on a normal cycle in hot water protected in a mesh bag.

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