Mini Website Makeover

Mini Website Makeover

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Get effective, actionable advice from a web designer and online marketer who also founded and ran a million-dollar maid service (that's me!), as an instant download.

You can do this! 5 lessons designed to complete one each day for 5 days, with a fun challenge.

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These are your lessons:

Lead Magnets & Email List Building (8-page PDF)

Today's challenge: you are going to create a 1-page downloadable PDF to entice your website visitors to give you their email address. This is SO EFFECTIVE in building your list of potential customers who want to buy your cleaning services.

  • lead magnet ideas, positioning, naming, how to add to your website

Add Sparkle to Your Copy (7-page PDF)

Today’s challenge: take a chunk of copy from your website and give it a complete makeover.

  • how to infuse personality into your copy
  • before/after examples

Quick Website Fixes (6-page PDF)

Today’s challenge: apply these quick fixes to your website right now to improve your search engine rankings and create a better impression on your potential customers.

  • search engine optimization (SEO) tips
  • quick ways to improve your first impression with customers

Be Daringly, Dazzingly Different (8-page PDF)

Today's challenge: to show your customers WHY you’re not like every other maid service out there. Be dazzlingly, daringly different! Be bold, be brave, ooze personality and capture the hearts of your people.

Shine Online By Blogging (8-page PDF)

Today's challenge: write a simple blog post (and set up your blog if you don’t have one yet)